Our story started when crazy lab scientists first got their hands dirty with skincare ingredients. Experimenting with various solutions (from soothing pain and bad sunburn to developing aids in soft tissue / bone healing), we believe we can make a difference with our trained minds in science as well as critical thinking.

We study literature and perform experiments to see what does work and what does not, especially on wound healing as we want to help burnt victims. We recognize great benefits and potential to blend science with beauty.

While our company name (MFT ICE, INC.) derives from the names of our founders’ families of Y. Man, K. Fung and C. Tai as “MFT”, it also signifies “Male and Female Together” as unity. We believe that team effort is key and are keen to give back to the community with our quality products.

Our R&D goal is to combine science, cosmetics, and medical interests for effective skincare solutions.