Eligibility for Military Communities


For your military service and sacrifices to serve and protect our Nation, we salute you, our armed forces. We appreciate your hard work, efforts and dedication to keep us safe. Thank you!

To show our appreciation, MFT ICE, INC. / ICE Skin Care is proud to support, honor and thank our service members by offering 20% off discount to qualified U.S. military personnel and their spouses.

Qualified military personnel include those with Active-duty status in the U.S. military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, Coast Guard and Active Reserve), Ready Reserve (Inactive National Guard, Individual Ready Reserve and Selected Reserve), U.S. military retirees and U.S. military veterans and their spouses. They can receive 20% off discount in our online Shopify and Facebook stores via a single-use discount code for every purchase after being verified for their military status by a third party (ID Services).

(Note: The discount is a special offer for military and can not be combined with other discount programs such as fixed income discount program.)

Qualified customers are required to provide verifiable proof of military status or active service at the time of purchase, such as but not limited to:

  • Verified military email address with .mil
  • Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) with all information redacted except the date of the statement, name (payee) and DFAS (payer)
  • a valid retired military ID
  • AMVETS membership card.
  • VFW Membership Card
  • Veterans Advantage Membership Card
  • Veterans Administration Identification Card (VIC)
  • American Legion Membership Card
  • Form DD-214 or DD256
  • A veteran designated driver’s license
  • Veteran Health Insurance card (VHIC)
  • Valid Department of Defense sponsorship cards for military spouses.


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