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What's In It

4 Peptides at Maximum concentrations in a single bottle of eye gel, along with other potent botanicals and vitamins.

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-Lightweight & paraben-free eye gel for fast skin absorption and optimal personal comfort

-Brightens and refreshes the eye area.

-Visibly improves the look of under-eye puffiness.

-Helps reinforce firmness & tone of the eye area.

-Improves skin texture.

-Restores skin elasticity around the delicate eye contour.

-Helps reduce the appearance of dark circles.

-Reduces the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines.

-Minimizes Crow's feet.

-Lifts the look for a healthy and youthful appearance.

-Complexion looks more radiant


The Science

The key performance peptide ingredients of 4P Max Eye Gel are Eyeliss, Haloxyl, Regu-Age & Tetrapeptide-21. They are supported by scientific data as furnished by reputable companies like Sederma of France, DSM and Evonik of Germany. 4P Max Eye Gel is formulated at the maximum recommended levels of all of these 4 powerful peptide actives.

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